Who We Are

At GemPlan we know that in an era where everything is dynamic and fast-evolving, there’s a need for ambition, courage, curiosity, talent and culture that believe that we’re smarter together. We approach every challenge in a holistic way that combines the best in the fields of data, creative, media, technology, search results, social media etc. We call it digital alchemy. It has the power to build brands, move businesses forward and break barriers. Despite the fact it sometimes seems like magic, we do it with technology, healthy communication, exact data and one hell of a team.

Among our clients

What We Do

Search Results

We ensure your business is found in all relevant searches around the web


Connecting all media channels to work best for the business and your goals


Building websites with emphasize on user-experience & search engine optimization


Developing strategies to achieve goals using a creative basis


Creating boundless ideas to convey the message and building a brand

Monitoring and Planning

Collecting exact data, constructing a plan incl. content, technology & advertising

Data & Analysis

Gathering and analyzing data to be used intelligently for your business

Tac Strategy

Solving immediate problems, using targeted smart solutions

Our Tools

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